Our Programs

Healthy Planet Profile


Healthy Planet Profile™ offers enterprises a science-based tool to measure and communicate publicly the level at which they will accelerate reduction of greenhouse gas emissions  on a product program, year-by-year 2020 to 2030,  then will annually report their actual contributions to reducing global temperatures. 

Asset Sharing Platform

Sharing economy, asset sharing platform

Chambers of Commerce and organizations with multiple locations will own assets that are unused or under-utilized. Now Asset Sharing Platforms can connect businesses and facilitate sharing of assets to make money and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Circular Economy Academy


 The Academy provides an effective way for entrepreneurs and businesses to be mentored in small cohorts on the design and implementation of a sustainable Circular Economy business model. 

Speeches, COnsulting & Waste

Keynote Speeches


Request one of our well known conference and event experts to speak on the design and implementation of a sustainable circular economy.  

Waste 2 Energy


Globally Patented Catalytic Depolymerization converts Municipal Solid Waste or other Carbon-based waste into Clean Diesel, other fuels, and water.

Product Design Workshops

Sustainable circular economy product design workshop

Request more information on our fun, practical, informative, hands-on product design and other Circular Economy workshops.